Auckland Council professional advisor’s priorities were to identify system designs which ensure durability, energy efficiency and operational simplicity with minimal maintenance. It provides homeowners a selection of six types of solar systems are all rated EECA Energy Star© and carrying a 10-year warranty.

A solar consultant will analyse your hot water needs, your house & property details and your existing plumbing to recommend the optimal solution

The available solar systems on offer are:

Hot Water Usage
Evacuated Tubes Direct
Flat Plate Titan Panels Drain Back
Small Load up to 3 people 250 litre / 2 m² 200 litre / 4 m²
Medium Load 4-5 people 300 litre / 3 m² 280 litre / 4 m²
Large Load more than 6 people 330 litre / 4 m² 330 litre / 6 m²

More Solar Options are available HERE